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From Lindsay: Thanks again for the sculpture! Beautiful green and purple visions last night during meditation! They have never been more clear!

From Carmen:
It was wonderful catching up with you and your wife yesterday. You are beautiful souls!
When I got home last night I felt guided to put the small oval piece I purchased yesterday
on top of the blue oval piece I purchased from you in Leominster in the spring. I took an
aerial view of them with my Iphone. It could have been how the flash on my phone reflected,
but could it be that the combination of the two pieces activated a circular energy field too?
…….Yes, Raphael is working through you indeed :). I have no doubt. I was drawn to your pieces
for a reason.

From Sarah B: After purchasing the Ankh my connection with spirit grew in a healthy and exciting way. I would recommend that spiritualists of all skill levels add this to their collection of sacred objects and healing tools.

From Shelia C: As a proud owner of an exquisite piece from Pyramid creations….I have found it not only stunning in design and appearance, but fascinated and duly spellbound by its crystal energy!

From Debra: I placed the pyramid a couple of feet away from me last night. When I awaken in the morning I always feel really depressed but I did not feel like that at all today. Maybe your prayers helped me out to. My cat Peppy wanted to sleep next to it as well – cats are very receptive to crystal energy.

From P&C of NH: The result of us putting our Celestite on the Plate Generator is simply amazing…! We have never see the stones glitter and shine as much as they are now… It is truely and amazing product that you have created.

From Paula: Since I have purchased the pyramid, I am having visions of this in all different situations. I sometimes see it enter my heart chakra as well as others. I also have visions of it being in the room with me too. Usually I see it in the center of the room. I just see it as an amazing healing tool. As I mentioned to you, I heal people with my mind so I guess I really did need to have this so thank you for the amazing work you do as it’s not just art and so much more than that.

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