Orgonite Chakra Clearing Disks #481


Each of the seven disks has Quartz polished chips, copper dust and a crystal with an engraved symbol for each Chakra.

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The seven disks correspond to the following Chakra Points:  Crown Chakra- Auralite, Third Eye Chakra-Lapis Lazuli, Throat The Chakra-Blue Aventurine, Heart Chakra-Green Aventurine, Solar Plexus- Golden Quartz, Sacrum Chakra-Red Jasper, and the Root Chakra-Red and Gold Jasper.  Place the disks on your Chakras for 10 to 20 minutes while lying down and get rid of stress and negative energies to heal yourself.   NAMASTE!   Each disk is 2 inches in diameter x 1/2 high


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